Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Chimping is a byproduct of digital photography. It is the act of looking at the LCD of a digital camera after taking a picture. One rumor is that it started in the world of sports photography. After a big play, all the photographers could be seen viewing the LCD screens of their cameras. They might have even compared shots with one another. It is often accompanied by noises such as grunting or "ooo" or "aah", which may account for its name.

There is a wiki article already, and an amusing video on sports shooter.

Some professional photographers scoff at chimping. They claim it marks one as an amateur, as it interrupts the flow of the action and may cause one to miss shots. As much I may desire to look professional, I will not give up chimping, because I know it helps me. I still check histograms, show off, and--even occasionally--make the sounds. Well, maybe I can give up the sounds.

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